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Welcome to Ameya Unisys (Ameya Universe Systems). Our enterprise deals with aerospace, aviation and mechanical productions merging technical education and training.

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About us

A Step towards Globalisation

AMEYA UNIVERSE SYSTEM  is based on civil & defence organisations including R&D as well as manufacturing firm.

We do embedded programming, design & manufacture in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Space & Remotely Operated Vehicle based products. Our aim to equip our populace & nation with a versatile gadgets,Which have the ability to perform in different sphere of activity.

Not only that, we make utilization of resources, take care of the requirements, and provide our clients with services, that are genuine, affordable, up to mark and cover warranty and free support* .

Our Backbone

What defines Us?


"Behind every success lies promising cooperation." We trust, we merge to provide our clients successful products


We build partnerships with various firms and industries, which helps us to provide you with great products & support


What's the benefit, if we can't train our next future? We consistently strive providing our students with quality training.

Our Portfolio

AMEYA UNIVERSE SYSTEMS is committed to serve to the best of global standards. The valuation of the company is calculated in terms of the number of satisfied customers.

That’s what makes us. And thereby, our portfolio is an model viewpoint of all our work, loved by customers. 

Have a view on our portfolio, and know how we strive, by the success of our clients

Ready made products

Whether you are starting small or big, you need products that showcase your ability, of carrying out your professional work.

We stand at a pace, of delivering the best products to you, with FREE support and a perfect maintenance schedule.

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